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Knoxville Concert & Safari live concert capabilities pianist Geoffrey Duce

hosted the finals of 5 nearby groups. The next groups executed in 30-moment sets  The Foothills - bandLenox HillsCaney Creek CompanySunSapHive Theory A week ago, Gig City Production completed the demonstration of 30 groups after a several-night occasion over a few breaks.   Stratton Tingle, director of SoundCorps, was the master of service for the direction to Dusk times and finale.    On Saturday  Chattanooga's songs venue The Indication The champions were chosen with a panel of judges who are going to complete a variety of elements Tivoli Theatre - Chattanooga concerts of the Knoxville audio scene.   The sponsor with this occasion also granted chosen cash incentives.   The important thing prize given by Knoxville Offers is really a headliner's destination to carry out on   in the Dusk sequence. The astonishing assistance and vendors of the direction to Nightfall events incorporate CityStream Run by EPB Fiber Optics , MetroTone, INC, Fletcher Brilliant Business, The Indication , WonderPress, Diamondback Stringworks, Mac Seasoned Seem, SoundCorps, Dagan Beckett Movies, Tn Pit Federal government Bank, Songbirds, The Soundry, Knoxville Offers and Gig City Production.

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